Global Media Agency Billings
Rankings & Market Shares

Published twice a year, this report reflects the size of the agencies / groups in terms of client spend volumes.
It provides the total media agency billings figures (measured + non-captured digital media spend), market shares, projections for the current year, and growth rates year on year. Also, users have access to an interactive platform allowing them to pull-out ranking tables and various analytical graphs.

Global Media Agency
New Business Barometer

In-depth analysis and assessment of major local, regional and global media reviews & moves.
Issued quarterly, agency/group rankings are provided on the basis of their total new business values across 40+ countries. Also users have access to an interactive platform allowing them to create their own and real-time new business charts by shortlisting the geographic reach, agency names and time period.

Global Advertiser Rankings & Media
Agency Partnerships

The study provides an in-depth analysis of the top international advertisers whose global media spend is greater than $100M, and their partnerships with media agencies across 40+ countries. Global media spend figures are based on deflated measured data. Among various analysis points, the report provides a breakdown of the global ranking per region as well as per product category. Also, it includes insights on how much share each group of networks hold in the main categories. Results and findings are illustrated with graphs and charts.

US Creative Agency
New Business Barometer

This bi-annual report offers in-depth analysis and assessment of major US creative pitches and moves.
The study illustrates two main points: 1- Agency/Holding company performance (i.e., number of wins, share of top spenders, brand reputation, assignments), 2- Advertiser/Brand hierarchy (i.e., share size, nature of the assignment).

Correlation between Media
and Creative reviews (US only)

Exclusive analysis on the correlation between creative and media pitches conducted in the US.
The study identifies the advertisers who placed their creative, media, and/or digital business in review either simultaneously or shortly thereafter within a 24-month time frame.

MarCom Agency

An exhaustive study on agency acquisitions made by the six main holding companies, newly formed holding companies (incl. S4 Capital, You & Mr Jones) and the leading IT & Marketing Consultancies including Accenture Interactive, IBM iX, Deloitte Digital, PwC Digital Services, among others.

Media Auditors
& Pitch Consultants

Research study offering a description of the main services, geographical coverage and contact details for 15 major international media consultancies, plus synopsis tables.

Ad Hoc Reports
& Analysis

We offer customized and exclusive benchmark reports designed for your specific needs, and delivers in a timely manner. Our ad hoc reporting helps our clients to stay ahead of the curve and gain an edge over the competition. Among others we are able to to provide media spend category reports, comparative agency profiles, competitive analysis based on data mining and market intelligence.

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