(COMvergence Agency Roster Database)

The COMvergence Agency Roster Database (CARD) online tool is a user-friendly and intuitive interface providing a wide range of detail on the relationship between major international and national advertisers and their MEDIA agencies in 45 countries / CREATIVE agencies in the US and the UK. 20 fields of information and seven search filter options are available whether your question refers to the agency or advertiser universe. Updates are made continuously.


(Mergers & Acquisitions + Specialized Units Database)

User-friendly and intuitive interface providing comprehensive information on all agency acquisitions tracked by COMvergence since the beginning 2016.
The database is updated continuously and offers various filters which can narrow the results in numerous way. Also, this tool contains details on the major specialized units operated by the Media and Creative Agency Networks (and major independents) at a global level but also in the US.


(Agency Leadership Teams & Talent Flows)

Online (continuously updated) database providing global and US leadership teams (10 key titles per agency) of any major creative, digital, media agencies and major IT & Marketing Consultancies.

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